Carrying Capacity and Burden

Your total carrying capacity is determined by your strength and your weight. Since your weight is determined by three parts strength and one part constitution, strength is the major factor in the equation. Unlike most other situations, increasing strength by one has a greater effect at high strength than at low strength: the difference between the weights you can carry at strength 8 and 9 is less than the difference between those at strength 22 and 23.

Your burden is the share that the weight you carry makes up of your total carrying capacity - with slight modifications: As you may have noticed, worn items count towards your burden less than carried items, and held weapons count more. To be precise: worn items count for half their weight, weapons held in one hand count double, and weaponss held in two hands count for 1.5 times their weight. Whether or not you can pick up additional items compares the unmodified weight of your load to your carrying capacity, though, so wearing or unholding items does not help there.

To calculate your total carrying capacity, please fill in your charcter data in the form below. Characters created after June 2009 may leave the weight box empty since the weight can be computed from base constitution and base strength. In turn, characters created before the change on 1 June 2009 may leave the constitution box empty because they have to enter their weight anyway.

To calculate your burden, please fill in your character data as before plus the information on how much you want to carry, hold and wear.

Base Constitution
Base Strength
Strength Modifier
Weight kg
Carrying Capacity
Carried weight pound(s)
Worn weight pound(s)
Held weight pound(s), held
Burden %

There is nothing really special about being 100% burdened; it is quite possible to get above that. This is because wearing or holding objects does not affect the maximal weight a character can carry. So if you're holding something really heavy, you can still pick up other things far above 100% burden, while 60% burden can be too much already if you're wearing everything.

Burden itself is mostly important because it affects your ability to dodge (very low burden is preferred for dodge users) and because being burdened gives a dex penalty, starting at -1 at 50% burden, and losing one extra point each 25%.