Skills, Stats and Bonuses

This is the renewed version of the Skills, Stats and Bonuses website. It is a tool designed to assist you in finding the perfect rearrange. This is done with several calculators that relate stats, skills, hitpoints, guildpoints, bonuses, burden and xp to each other in creative ways. There is also a page with information about the consequences of rearranging, for those who are relatively new to it.

This site was originally built by Acim, and has stayed in good use even long after he left the mud. Recently, to keep its service to the mud alive, Hezzel brought it up to date and added bits and pieces all over the place. And now, with Hezzel having been recruited by 'the dark side', I -Jeanie- took over and hope to still extend/polish up/properly maintain the site.

Of course in the course of extening and polishing and despite making tests, I may well break one thing or another. So if you find anything that doesn't seem to work correctly, then please let me know. Same if you have ideas or suggestions for extensions or new features.


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