Hitpoint Calculator

Research has shown that your maximum number of hitpoints depends on components:

  1. constitution
  2. weight
  3. adventuring.health bonus

The health bonus is determined by your adventuring.health level and the stats constitution (4/5) and strength (1/5); weight in turn depends on strength (3/4) and constitution (1/4). (For characters created before a change on 1 June 2009, weight also included a random variation, so hitpoint totals between 493 and 504 could be observed on newly created characters. Today's newbies all start with a weight of 80kg and exactly 500 hitpoints.)

It should also be noted that stat items have no influence on your weight, even if they do affect constitution and strength. So you have to enter any stat modifiers separately on this page.

Characters created since June 2009 should leave the weight box empty since their weight can be calculated from strength and constitution. Characters created before the change should enter their weight for exact results (and note that their shown weight may have been rounded), but should also leave the box empty in case they wish to calculate hitpoints for strength and constitution values different from those they currently have (since their weight may also be different for those values).

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