Hitpoint Calculator

Research so far has indicated that your maximum number of hitpoints mostly depends on 3 things:

  1. constitution
  2. weight
  3. adventuring.health bonus
It also seems to depend on strength a bit, but this dependance is very slight.

Health bonus is determined by your health level, and the stats con (4/5) and str (1/5).
Weight depends on:

  1. Strength (3/4)
  2. Constitution (1/4)
  3. Some random variation

You may find the fact that there is a random element in hitpoints unbelievable, but I assure you it is true. If you don't believe me start a few new characters and while they are at level 0 check how many hps they have. I found that a new character may have anywhere between 493 and 504 hps.

It should also be noted that stat-items have no influence on your weight, even if they do affect con and str.

The computers below will give you an indication of your weight and hitpoints for given stats and levels. Obviously I can't take into account the random variation discussed above. Note the way that you may need to put con up by up to four points in order to increase weight whereas weight will go up with almost each point of strength. This is true to how it is in the game.

Weight kg
Adventuring.health level
Hit points