Teaching Cost Computer

This page contains two computers to calculate the amount of experience needed to go from one level to another: the first one assuming you're teaching yourself, the second assuming you're learning from another player. To check advancement cost for primaries, go here.

Learning from another player is always cheaper that learning from yourself, but requires that other player's effective teaching bonus in the relevant skill to be higher than your skill bonus. It does not matter in either case whether you learn one level at a time or several levels in one go, both the student's experience cost and the teacher's experience gain remain the same.

To use the self teaching cost computer, put your starting and target levels into boxes in the Basic Data part of the following table and press the "Calculate Cost" button. To calculate the cost when learning from a teacher, you also have to provide information on your (unmodified) stats, the skill to learn, and your teacher's effective teaching bonus. When done with that, press the "Calculate all" button.

Please be aware that putting huge numbers (such as anything over 10,000) into the target level box may cause your browser to hang. Why you would need to do this is beyond me, but I thought I'd better let you know.

Basic Data
Teaching a single skill
from level:
to level:
Student Data
Con Dex Int Str Wis
Skill to learn:
Teacher Data
Effective teaching bonus:
Self teaching cost:
Student's cost:
Experience saved:
Teacher's experience gain*:
* Experience gain is reduced by half on a failed teaching check.

Please note that the results of this calculation may differ slightly from the mud's calculation, for example a difference of 1 occurs when teaching yourself from level 402 to 403. These differences are due to different ways of computing and storing the numbers involved, and cannot be fully avoided without emulating the exact code used by the mud.