Stat Repository

You can set a cookie to remember your guild and stats here, so you don't have to enter them again on the other pages. You can also choose for how long the cookie is remembered and whether or not it will be updated if you change the data on another page (and compute anything with that new data). The same cookie is also used to store your skill levels, if you choose to save those on the relevant pages.

Remember cookie for   and   update the data.

To save your data, just fill out the following table and press the "Remember data" button:

Guild Con Dex Int Str Wis Total

Of course, if your browser is configured to not allow persistent cookies, any cookie will last for one session only and is forgotten when you close your browser - which is probably why you configured your browser that way. Now it would defeat the point of letting the cookie remember your data if you had to re-enter it all the time, so you can automatically create the cookie by sending it as a parameter cookie=[cookie], for example via a bookmark.

To automatically create a cookie with the data entered above whenever you use that bookmark, set your bookmark for the index page to:

To also include the current level data in the cookie, use the following bookmark (this may be long):

Another way to use these cookies is to create a bookmark that sets your actual stat values and turn on the automatic cookie updates there. Then you can easily make changes to the stats, test your changes on different pages, and when done revert to the old values by using the bookmark.