How much XP did you spend in your life on discworld?

Since I have often heard people wondering how much xp they spent to get where they are now, and wishing there was some calculator to find this number easily, here it is! :)

Of course, this won't give you a very accurate result.
I can't guess how many levels you gained by tms. I don't know what you learned from Lanfear or other teachers. Until someone finds me a formula for xp cost of learning non-primaries in the guild, it doesn't even assume you are learning your first 5 levels in the guild. I will just assume you learned primaries in your guild, and non-primaries by self-teaching.
All in all, this result will just give you a vague idea of how much xp you have gained in the totality of your time here, if you consider tms and "cheap teaching" a form of gaining xp.

To use the calculator, first select your guild in the list below, and enter your age. Then type skills in the mud and copy/paste the result into the textfield below. It should be the full output of skills, do not paste the separate outputs of skills covert, skills faith etcetera.
Clean up the skill listing; remove anything not skill-related to avoid confusing the parser. Then press the Send button.

   Age: years, days, hours.