The Manic Panic "OMG How Much?!" Machine

Guild Con Dex Int Str Wis Total

To use the Manic Panic Machine, fill in your guild and stats, and for each skill you're interested in, the bonus you want and your current level. Optionally you can also fill in the effective teaching bonus of a teacher you can learn the skill from. When done click the compute button. :)
Where you can not learn certain levels in your guild, it is assumed that learn from the given teacher for as long as possible (and after that start teaching yourself).
A section with extra help on rearranging is at the bottom.

Skill Bonus Wanted Current Level Teaching Bonus Level needed XP needed
Add input fields:
Hitpoints wanted Weight Current health level Teaching bonus Needed health level XP needed

Total experience needed to reach goals: xps.

Below here is a part of the page that is only useful for rearrange purposes.

To use this part of the page fill in the form above as normal, skills, bonuses, guild and current level if applicable.

When ready hit the generate stats button below. The machine will will then take the stats you put in at the top of the page as a starting point (if they fit your requirements, see below), and move a point from one stat to another, until the best possible rearrange - or at least a rearrange pretty close to that (see below for more information on this) - is reached.

For your convenience, there are a few special options to make both the stat generation process and the resulting rearrange suit your needs.
The first option is used to move all statpoints at once. By default this is checked, but if you have a slow computer, or want to see how the stats change, uncheck it. You will then have to keep pressing the 'Generate stats' button until the stats stop changing (or until you're happy with the found results).
The other options let you choose a minimal and a maximal value for each stat, as well a minimal gp regeneration rate, in case you wish to set such restrictions.

Rearrange Options

Move all stat points at once?  Yes

Con Dex Int Str Wis GP regen

Stat Generation Messages

Please note that due to the way this machine works (moving a single stat point at a time), the resulting rearrange may not be the absolutely best possible rearrange: the process may stop early in case there is no rearrange that differs only by one stat point from the current one and that reaches the given goals at a lower cost. This usually happens for relatively small goals and rearranges that are very close to the optimal rearrange already.

For example, if the only goal is a bonus of 300, then starting from an all 13 rearrange, the suggested rearrange is 18/8/13/8/18, even though a 19/8/11/8/19 rearrange reaches the single goal at a lower cost and the best possible rearranges for are 20/8/10/8/19 and 19/8/10/8/20.